The simplest acts of kindness
are by far more powerful then
a thousand heads bowing in prayer.

Mahatma Gandhi

Our Vision & Mission

We at VARTA believe in power of communication between communities. We are working towards a vision to empower every person in society. We want a ray of development, education, and healthcare to reach every person in the underprivileged sections of the society. We believe, to empower is to educate.

How we work

We assist Corporate, Foundations & Government to reach people who need assistance in coming to mainstream. We're specialized in Social Communication so we can assist you in reaching people through digital and physical mediums. We at VARTA aim to re-invent rural communication channels, so that communication can reach each and everyone effectively. 
Project Execution
Social Communication
Impact Study

Our Initiatives

Our key focus areas are include..
Education & Skill Development
Women Empowerment
Child Welfare
Social & Cultural Initiatives
Livelihood & Rural Entrepreneurship
Environmental & Water Conservation
Government Consultancy

Social Communication Consultancy

We help government, social organisations and corporate in localizing the communication as per demography, language and cultures. We carry out awareness campaigns for different government schemes to CSR Initiatives. We help in designing Collateral, Communication kit and Folk Media (street play etc) for Social Campaigns. 


With operations Head office in Lucknow, we cover entire
urban and rural areas in states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

We've field teams in major regional hubs with local representatives in neighboring rural areas to cover all the regions. Which is capable of carrying out CSR, Social Communication and Impact study projects. 


Join us in the fight of social change and help us building the society where equality, social justice and opportunities prevail. Write to us to DONATE NOW.





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